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To cover some frequently asked questions about wedding makeup and tricks to nailing the perfect look for your big day, we talked to one of our favourite bridal makeup artists, Amelia Webb.

Amelia is a renowned Melbourne based artist and shares with us her top bridal beauty tips; from prepping your skin before the wedding (spoiler - the earlier the better!), the importance of makeup trials and how to ensure your makeup stays on all day.

Tell us about yourself and how you started out in the industry?

“I've loved makeup since I was a young teenager and used to spend hours in front of the mirror trying different looks. Never would I have thought it would be my full-time job! When I moved to Melbourne at the age of 21, I realised the office job I had wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was speaking with a girlfriend and she suggested I apply for a makeup course, just to see if I liked it. I fell in love with the study (I hated school and study), so I knew then that this was my passion and what I wanted to do.”

How important is a wedding makeup trial?

“Yes, it is SO important because it helps me build a relationship with my clients before the big day. I can create the look they are after, then amend anything they are unsure of. I have many brides that are not sure of the makeup they’d like for their wedding day, so a trial helps me get it 100% perfect, even if we have to try a few different looks.

What is the most important thing to consider ahead of the trial?

“Think about what look and style you are after. It is so helpful to come along with reference pictures and even some lipstick shades you like.”

How do you and the bride decide what style to go for?

“I always try take as much information from them as possible and refer back to the reference images. It’s also important to suggest ideas that will work with their dress, hair and theme of the wedding.”

How much time should be allocated for wedding day makeup?

“I always suggest an hour per face on the wedding day. I would HATE to be running late, so I normally suggest we start earlier than normal to make sure this doesn’t happen. This also allows time for touch-ups at the end.”

Tips for skin preparation?

“Do not try anything new days or weeks before the big day! If you are going to have any new treatments, do it a few months before the wedding to ensure you don’t have a reaction. The night before or day of the wedding, I recommend a sheet mask to keep skin hydrated.”

How do you keep your clients’ makeup looking fresh and flawless throughout the day?

“Having a good skincare regime in place is key to helping makeup last longer. I ensure I use the correct products for my clients’ specific skin type on the wedding day too (this is also why a trial is important so we can discuss this).”

Current bridal makeup trends?

“Fresh, glowy and dewy skin.”

What differentiates wedding day makeup from special event makeup?

“Wedding day makeup is normally a little more natural than special event makeup and tends to be a style you will look back on in years to come and still LOVE everything about it.”

Should I do trial for my bridesmaids?

“No this isn't necessary, BUT I have done so before if the bridesmaids are unsure of the look they are after or concerned about their skin.”

How do I differentiate my look from the bridesmaids?

“It depends on their dress colour and hair style, but I usually like to go a little darker on the eyes and a different lip colour. BUT if the bride wants to go darker on the eyes then I will go a lighter on the bridesmaids.”

How soon in advance do I need to book my wedding day makeup artist?

“I take bookings 1 year in advance and like to do the trial 4-6 months beforehand.”

What is your number one tip for all future brides?

“Always have a good skincare routine, always trial your makeup artist and always do some research into the look you are after on the day.”

If you want to get in touch with Amelia (which you will after this article!), you can reach her on Instagram here. @makeupbyameliawebb.

After more wedding planning and wedding styling tips? I'd love to chat about your big day! Get in touch at for a free consultation (or book here) and don't forget to follow @no14events on Instagram for event inspo and more industry insider tricks.


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