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OVER THE MOON * Baby Charlie Welcome Table *

The arrival of a newborn always brings joy and a reason to celebrate.

It's a milestone in life and it is becoming popular to create personalised items to remember this occasion forever.

This NEW TREND see setting up Baby Welcome Tables with personalised favours to treasure and celebrate this incredible moment and share the joy with your nearest and dearest.

Baby Welcome Tables are wonderfully decorated stands full of personalised elements such as chocolates, sweets, mini drinks, mini candles and all the candy in the world, displayed meticulously on a stylish and personalised backdrop. All the details have been curated, planned and designed to ensure a wow factor in your preferred area at home.

Gifts are given to family and friends when they are visiting, at Sip & See Parties or sent by post.

With the current lockdown and limited social gatherings this is becoming a new way to share the joy and celebrate a wonderful new life.

No.14 is excited to share our OVER THE MOON Baby Welcome Table. The concept incorporated all the elements we believe would make this set up in your home memorable.

We believe it is important to capture all the details that make it unique for new parents and carefully curate a concept with a great team of suppliers. We love to balance the style of the family and incorporate some cuteness - after all it’s to celebrate an adorable newborn!

Design is a crucial element to ensure consistency and personalisation. The wonderful Judith from Your Decor Design created three different labels to suit and stand out on the favour boxes in the tones of white and gold. She also created some chocolate wraps and book covers to tell little Baby Charlie's story. We just love them!

Lulita from the Bakers Workshop Melbourne whipped up her magic and baked beautiful and delicious cookie cakes, letter cookies, "baby" cookies, meringues and macarons. All items were individually packed and easy to display with long shelf life (and no refrigeration needed).

The team at Sketch and Etch created a statement acrylic sign for our display - we do LOVE IT TO THE MOON AND BACK!

You can decide to create the setup in a specific area in your home - a table, a book shelf, a buffet unit or a drink cart - or hire a display unit for a few weeks. We went for this option and hired a gold bar cart from Weddings of Distinction. (PS. they also have an amazing moon backdrop if you have enough space!)

To really set the area aside I would recommend creating a backdrop - balloons are always a good idea, as they create volume and style. They look even better when decorated with some beautiful flowers! They are a fixed installation that won’t require any additional effort or maintenance.

Jess from Good Times Party Co created our balloon garland - how beautiful is it?! We are blown away!

Anne from Flowers by Bear picked stunning Australian flowers to complement the look and to create a couple of arrangements on the cart. We had to include those beautiful Peonies and white roses!

How to organise this?

I would recommend to the future parents to reach out to us in advance, to discuss the concept and look and feel of their Baby Welcome Table.

We will take it from there and organise all the details. Once the big day arrives, you will just have to let us know Name + Date of Birth and we'll bring it to life.

We will set up everything, so you can just relax, enjoy the new addition to the family and take plenty of pictures to create new life memories!


Planning and Styling No.14 Events

Balloon Garland Good Times Party Co

Acrylic Sign Sketch and Etch


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